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Where I can find out the offer of your apartments?

You can find our offer of the apartments on the official web site, on Facebook and the web sites for renting apartments like, etc. Every website with our apartments includes details about each apartment we have available, the price and the date of availability.

What is the best way to begin my reservation?

Once you find something that fits your needs, either fill out a request form, or send us an email on, or call us directly at phone number: 00385923349988.

When you complete your request make sure to include the apartment’s name, your phone or e-mail contact as well as the dates of your stay.

Moreover, if you don’t have the time to search the website for the apartment, our specialized staff will do that for you and kindly help you to choose the best one. You should just let us know the dates that you will be coming, your budget, the area that you would like to stay and some other additional information which are important for you and we will send you the best solution as soon as possible.

I filled out a request form on the web, then what?

We will receive your e-mail in real time and one of our specialized employees will send you a confirmation that your request has been received. Usually you will receive a proposal by e-mail or a phone call to further discuss you needs.

How can I contact you?

You have a few ways to contact us, directly by phone, by regular e-mail or through our web site where you should fullfill a request form.

Which means of payment do you accept?

We will charge you in cash when you arrive and give you the keys of the apartment.

What languages are spoken in Apartments in Zadar?

Our staff speak English, German, Italian etc.

How and when do I get the keys for the apartment and do I return them?

If you know time when you will arrive, in advance, you can text/call us, in the other cases, you should call/text us 20 minutes before arrival, because we need more time to come in front of the apartment. When you arrive there (in front of the apartment), one of our employees  will show you the apartment, give you the information about using wifi, television and equipments, log you in the aplication by identity card or passport and charge you in cash, as well as give you the key of the apartment and useful information about city. Before you leave the apartment, you must leave the key in the apartment (on the table – the cleaning lady will come around 10 a.m.)

What happens if I stay longer than initially expected?

In this case, you should contact us as soon as possible (max. day before your departure) and tell us that you want to stay longer than initially expected in order to check if it is possible (maybe we have another reservation for this apartment). If we have another reservation, our staff will kindly try to find another apartment for you which is in the same area or close to your current apartment.

Are pets allowed and should I pay a fee for them?

Whether you can bring your pet or not, depends on the conditions which individual owners have.

How does parking work?

Certain apartments have asured parkingspace, while others (in the old town mostly) have public parking where you can buy daily ticket.

In case I cancel my reservation, should I pay extra?

If you cancel your reservation 14 days before your arrival, than it’s free of charge. In case you cancel it in shorter time period, than we charge the whole amount of the reservation.

In case I want additional cleaning should I pay more?

If you stay in the appartment longer than 5 days, cleaning is for free.
If your stay is shorter then 5 days then you should pay 15-20 euros for the cleaning, depending on the size of the apartment.