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History of Zadar

The history of Zadar encloses a long period of 3000 years, full of destructions, changes and development during the centuries. First time, when Zadar was discovered by Liburnians in 4th century, the name of city was Jader. Afterwards, Zadar obtained the status of Roman colony and became arranged as a real Rome city, with forum, columns and thermae, whose ruins tourists can visit today throughout wide range of walking tours. In 7th century, Zadar was proclaimed as a capital of the Bizantyine province of Dalmatia and during the 9th century it became a seat of the bishop Donat, who instigated the urban development of the city (the church of St. Donat).


Over the centuries, Zadar was under cruel Venetian attacks, in one of those attacks in 1202, Zadar was completely burned and destroyed. Since 1358, Zadar has been under the control of King Louis I of Hungary, however, after his death, Venetians took over political power over Zadar untill 18th century. The period of 19th century was marked by Austrian control and rules till World War I, when Zadar was allocated to Italy (Treaty of Rapallo in 1920) and passed through heavily bombing which destroyed main part of peninsula. In Democratic Federal Yugoslavia in 1994, city was rebuilt and made one of the most important regional cities with new infrastructure, development of industry and tourism and it was made a better place for living. The fall of Yugoslavia marked the beginning of cruel war which caused new destruction and occupation of Zadar. Although cultural and historical heritage and monuments were destroyed, Zadar was rebuilt after war and became one of the best European destinations, with increasing number of tourists every year.